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Classic Silver Fumi Convertible Purse Bracelet Hook

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Classic Silver Fumi Convertible Purse Bracelet Hook

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Fumi convertible Purse Hook, Purse Hangers, Purse Hooks, Purse Jewelry, you will never have to put your purse on the floor again, either on a dirty restaurant floor or a restroom, think about it!
Classic Silver Fumi Convertible Purse Bracelet Hook is available for purchase in increments of 1


We can't say enough about this product! You wear this as a bracelet then it converts to a purse hook. How cool is that?

Studies show that purses carry more bacteria into your home than shoes! The number one source of bacteria you carry into your home is a purse! Think about often do you wash your purse....and where do you put it during the course of one day out and about? (shoes get somewhat cleaner just from the scraping action of walking).

Charming is the CLASSIC SILVER (tone) FUMI. Charming is our most popular FUMI design and it has a built in charm clasp so you can pair your favorite Charm with it!

The FUMI (Fashionable, Unique, Multipurpose, Innovation) is the new Patent Pending designer way to store your purse while in public. However, FUMI is not only a PurseHook! It also functions as a bracelet, a purse accessory, and brings good luck and fortune to the wearer.

Eco-friendly packaging. The FUMI is made of recycled materials and has a 100% recycled rubber pad to grip any surface

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