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  • Any item purchased in "Miscellaneous" will make a direct impact, as 100% of the sale will go towards medical care, food, supplies, or housing for a rescue dog, cat, or other animal in need.  

We are 100% dedicated to assisting rescue groups so they may take in abused or homeless rescue animals, and pets whose time runs out at shelters.  We have learned even small donations can change a dog or cats life. It can mean the difference between suffering, or getting needed medical attention, cold or warmth; food or starving, abuse or safety.  So please don't think "it's just a dime or quarter".   Many dimes together equal dollars!  


We opened our e-shop over 15 years ago with one mission in mind:  to help raise funds for local rescue groups. These groups are volunteers who work selflessly to help animals in need, including dogs, cats, bunnies, ferrets, horses, cows and pigs!  We have witnessed such kindness and outpouring of love in the face of hopelessness, from both the volunteers and the animals they save.  The rewards are not monetary, yet more precious - the look of pure joy and happiness in a pet who no longer lives in fear or loneliness. A pet who finally experiences a hug, or a gentle touch for the first time!  And ultimately, a pet who has finally has a loving home.  


Whenever possible, we donate our time to assist with adoption events. It brings us great joy.  


Thank you for your love & respect for animals, and for visiting our site!


Your pet loving friends at DogGoneCharming 




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